Before You Watch

In this video you'll be introduced to some of the basic concepts of statistics, in particular random variables, variation and sampling. It doesn’t build on ideas discussed in any of the previous videos, so feel free to watch this one straight away.

The Video

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Now What?

You should now be familiar with the fundamental idea of Statistics. You could explore this entire series of videos or select specific topics of interest.

But When Am I Going to Use This?

Statistics is essential in the study of systems as it considers, and accounts for, the unpredictable random component of processes and systems. For example, organisational or business systems, education systems, ecosystems and living things, the solar system, economic or financial systems, mechanical systems, physics, science, quality control, health care systems … any environment within which information is to be sought and there is a degree of unpredictability about the key measures of interest. In fact, any studies or environments that involve the collection of data. Consider the amount of liquid in bottles of soft drink on the shelves at a supermarket, it varies across the bottles…statistical quality control would aim to minimise such variation

Other Links

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